FDQ 8a – Power

FDQ 8a – Power

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FDQ 8a – Power

Exerting power generally involves the capacity to reach an outcome that will satisfy an individual by means of another person. It is particularly pertinent in firms and organizations where the management delegates tasks and activities to employees. Primarily, people and organizations exercise power by allocating authority and establishing a platform where they can dominate. In addition, the power can be wielded in different forms. These particular types are expert, reward, coercive, legitimate, and referent power. Personally, I influence others using reward and referent power.

The object that I selected as an example is a simple tie. For me, the tie is a symbol of an influence in a formal setting. With its help, I ensure that set goals and objectives are satisfied. In this respect, my tie is a reflection of my seriousness. At the same time, it also helps me establish a connection with others by dispelling the stereotype of the bureaucratic leader. I always strive to create positive relationships with subordinates, and, simultaneously, apply the incentives to drive motivation. Based on studies, there is a direct correlation between motivation and employee performance (Kotter, 2008).

The ability of the tie to alter expectations is an attribute that I apply to the first form of power, which is referent power. In its simplest explanation, it is the capacity to handle person’s sentiments of approval or acceptance (Kotter, 2008). This form of power is influential to the point that it facilitates the admiration of the person and makes one a personal role model. I focus on building trustful relationships with my colleagues; that is why I have managed to win their liking and sympathy. Even though I am aware of the firm’s mission and strive to ensure that all its goals and targets are met, I am also empathetic to the personal problems of the employees and acknowledge their negative impact on a person’s capacity to work.

Aside from referent power, reward power is another strategy that I apply routinely to influence others. Accordingly, reward power is the capacity to administer and manage the things that the leader needs and to expel the things that the individual in question does not require (Kotter, 2008). Reward power is characterized by the provision or allocation of rewards to those who comply with the leader’s needs or wishes (Kotter, 2008). When combined with referent power, it can have a significant impact on the subordinates’ performance. In all situations, I support camaraderie among my colleagues, which boosts their productivity. In addition, I provide them with incentives, for instance, give time off, especially when an individual meets a particular objective or manages to complete an assigned task very quickly.

At the same time, exercising power entails certain challenges. For instance, in order to effectively influence others, one should understand person’s character, motives, mood, and demeanor. Sometimes employees have conflicts or display aggressive behavior, which forces me to issue penalties as a punishment. However, such tactics may influence me negatively as well, especially when the subordinates resort to “bad-mouthing.” Thus, the skill that I would want to develop to become a more effective leader is active listening. It is an essential aptitude that can be instrumental in dispelling the issues described above. Active listening is crucial to resolving conflicts among employees as each party wants to be heard and understood.


Kotter, J. (2008). Power, success, and organizational effectiveness. Organizational Dynamics, 6(3), 27-40.

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