Abortion is the deliberate termination of pregnancy. It involves the removal of a fetus from the woman’s womb. People abort for several reasons. In many cases, women abort because they were not prepared to have a baby. Some want to concentrate on their careers or education while others feel that they are not capable or raising children. Other women feel that they do not have adequate resources to bring up a child. Some women abort if they realize that the child they are expecting have some sort of defect. In other cases, women undergo traumatic experiences such as rape and they end up becoming pregnant. They abort because they do not want constant reminders of the event. Whatever reasons people give for aborting do not justify the action. Abortion is wrong because it is a form of murder. It involves taking away the life of a human being who is innocent.

Abortion is wrong because it denies a person of the right to live. Life begins at conception and fetuses have the right to develop. Abortion denies them of this right. A fetus is not a tissue or a group of cells. It has advanced in development. Sometimes abortions take place when the fetus has already developed some of the parts of a human being. The person performing the abortion will often reassemble the collected parts and examine them to see whether the procedure has been successful (Terzo). This shows that the fetus is already a developed person. Removing that person from the uterus denies them of the chance to have a real life outside the womb.

No person should be punished for the crime of another and no one should suffer because of another person’s actions. Abortions are a way of punishing the child for the mistakes done by the people involved in the procreation. Abortion is wrong because it is a form of discrimination. It communicates the message that some humans have more right to live than others do. In some cases, women abort when they realize that their children will be born with some form of defect. Others abort because they want babies of different genders, while others abort because they do not want a baby at all. In all these cases, women show a preference for some babies and not others.

Abortion gives adults the chance to exercise their power and authority over the powerless. Women and the doctors making the decision to perform abortions have power. The unborn babies do not have any form of power. They have to abide by the wishes of those in power. Uncontrolled and unrestricted power can be a dangerous thing. History has shown what some people in power can do if they are not controlled or restrained in some way. If a person has the ability to kill an unborn child, use cruel means when doing so, and examine its parts to ensure that he has cleared the uterus, then it follows that that person can do anything else if given the chance to. People who do not feel any form of remorse for their actions even after seeing what the aborted fetuses look like can continue doing the same thing repeatedly.

In some cases, women have abortions even without the consent of their partners. Abortion denies the men a chance to experience fatherhood and to take care of their children since they do not have any say over the matter. Under the current laws, women have control over their bodies and they do not have to inform their spouses or partners concerning the decisions they have made. This can cause a strain in relationships and marriages. It can lead to conflicts in the home and breakups.

Some women think that they are solving a problem by procuring an abortion. However, they are not aware of some of the consequences associated with abortion. Abortion can lead to mental and psychological problems. Some women are haunted by their actions and they do not have any peace of mind after they have gone through with the abortion. Some of them end up becoming depressed because of what they have done. Other women suffer physically. Abortion can put a woman’s life at risk. In some cases, women do not get a chance to become pregnant even after they are prepared to have a child. This can be traumatizing for them. Some women end up losing their lives after undergoing abortions. Others experience miscarriages every time they become pregnant, soon after getting an abortion.

Abortion is wrong because some people see it as a way of avoiding responsibility and as an excuse for their immoral behavior. Some women end up becoming pregnant because they do not take the necessary precautions during sex. They see abortion as a way of solving their problems. In some cases, doctors use abortion as an excuse of avoiding health complications. When a pregnant woman’s life is in danger, they may recommend abortion even before considering other alternatives. This communicates the idea that abortion is a natural way to solve problems. This diminishes the respect for human life.

Abortion is a form of legalized killing. However, just because it is legal does not mean that it is right. Abortion is murder because the aborted fetuses already have life. Life forms immediately after fertilization takes place. The life that is formed may not be perfect and fully-grown but it should be given the chance to live. Fetuses can feel pain by eighteen weeks and they start developing earlier than that. Fetuses have already formed at eight to ten weeks. At this time, they have already developed a beating heart and a brain. The new cell that forms after fertilization is distinct from the other cells in the body because it has its own genetic coding. This distinction is important to those who argue that fetuses are just cells. Although they are cells, they continue developing and they are already persons (Lee 3). The fetus is not a potential human being but it is already a living being. Therefore, it should receive the same treatment as adults and children do. It should be protected from all manner of abuse and from actions that would cause it harm.

Abortion is wrong because it denies the fetus of everything that it might enjoy in the future. Killing the fetus denies it the right to enjoy the future. It will not get a chance to experience the external world and develop wholly. It will only be aware of the life inside its mother’s womb. Many people use religious convictions as a way of opposing abortion. The major religions recognize the sanctity of life and they recognize God’s power in the creation of life. Therefore, abortion is wrong in the eyes of God because it denies life to come to full existence.

People’s inability to see fetuses as unborn living beings makes them support abortion. Even though the fetus is a group of cells in its early days, it is still distinct in the sense that it has already developed a genetic code that is different from the male sperm and the female ova. The fact that the cells continue to live and grow should be justification enough that the fetus is a living life that should be given the right to live.

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