A Significant Place





A Significant Place

I remember the sweet aromas that filled the house when I came from school. My mother always made sure that there were some cookies when I came from the school. She would give me some cookies and milk as I waited for dinner. I still remember those days with fondness. My home, especially my mother’s kitchen, is the most significant place for me. I laughed and had fu there. As a family, it seems that most of the decisions that were made in our house were made in the kitchen. My mother taught me many things there. She used the opportunities to scold me and to correct my errors as I took my cookies. Back then, I used to dread those moments and I used to grumble a lot. However, I have never forgotten the lessons I learnt up to this day.

My home is one of my favorite places. It is a small house with five rooms, a garden at the backyard and a small area in the front yard where we used to play as children. My home holds almost all of the pleasant memories I have. I remember playing with my sisters and brothers and all the fun we shared together. My home is also significant because it was a place of love. It did not matter what happened to me whenever I was in school or another place. I knew that things would change when I got home. I would get to see my family and share the challenges I had had during the day. This made me feel relived. I also knew that I could find peace and comfort at home. To this day, I still have such emotions when I go home. I know that I will find someone who will be willing to listen to me and who will not judge me or make me feel guilty.

I think about many things when I think about home. My home represented a place of solutions. There are times when I remember the challenges that we as a family experienced. We were not always laughing but we pained painful and challenging moments. However, we always seemed to find a way to overcome them, however long they lasted. I always remember this whenever I feel that I have a big problem. I usually remember the discussions we had in the living room as our parents comforted us and told us that everything would be okay. Whenever I face a challenge, I always remember that no problem lasts forever.

Our house stands on a street in a good community. This makes it significant for me because it enabled me to make many friends. I remember we would play on the streets with the other children from the neighboring houses. This gave a chance to learn more about each other as we interacted. It was usual to go into someone else’s house for a snack. The exposure that I had on that street gave me my first lessons of interacting with others. As we played together, we would often argue and there would be conflict among us. Our parents never interfered at such times and they let us solve the differences we had on our own. I learnt how to negotiate with others on that street

These memories are important and I treasure then in my heart. Sometimes they make me long for the past. They were all made possible because of my home. Were it not for the fact that I lived there, I would not get the chance to know what I know today. I got to learn important life lessons of socializing, solving conflict, and holding on to hope because of my house. I remember the kitchen with fondness because it always seemed to be a place of joy and comfort.

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